One of these days…

I will actually write those damned pages.  Honest.

While I could have attempted to today, I opted to exercise instead.  It involved a run of approximately 10 miles, all as part of my training for a half-marathon I’m doing in a month.  My legs are sore now, but it was necessary.  I seriously doubt the weather in Anaheim will be comparable to the type here, but it has a start time of 5AM, so it should at least be a little cooler than what I’m expecting.

-I decided to try yet again with the Friday logline contest.  Prize is analysis of your first five pages.  The guy behind it also opened it up to unlimited, or at least three, entries.  I sent in three; one via Twitter, the other two in an email.  I’ll be amazed if anything happens with any of them.

-An interesting conversation with the wife tonight.  I’ve been working part-time in radio for the past 18 years.  My boss keeps telling me I’m at the top of the list to be made a full-timer, but there’s no definitive timeframe for when that could possibly happen.  Although I have a somewhat set schedule, I occasionally get extra hours, but it’s slowly getting to not be enough.

There’s a guy at work who does a lot of radio production on the side, and he always seems to have some example of having purchased a very expensive item.  He also said he’s even done some minor voice work.  Wow.  Sure, I get a bit jealous, but I also remind myself “You don’t do that.”  What CAN I do?

I can write.  I’m a good editor and proofreader, and would even say a somewhat decent screenwriter.  K thinks I could easily double my income by getting a full-time writing job of some sort.  Part of me isn’t saying no, but I also like the idea of having some time to write my own stuff.

I’m in the final stages of a freelance editing project.  I looked at Craigslist tonight.  Two opportunities for screenwriters (granted, neither pays very much, but work is work), and a ‘writer wanted’ listing for a group working on a TV pilot (not my area of expertise), which maybe they would consider.

It’s nice to see that I may able to put my abilities to use.  That would be nice.

Next week, back to the script.  I promise.

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