I’m so awful

Last week I said I would be vigilant about daily posting, and I’ve fallen down on the job twice this week.

Would it count if I said I was busy with a freelance editing project?  I was.  Not as many hours as originaly expected, but still a good start to a potential sideline.

Negative side – the company asked for my business license number, which you need in San Francisco.  I had one years ago, but hadn’t needed it since ’07.  So I go to City Hall, ask about renewing it, and am told that it never expired and I owe $$ in back taxes. WHAAA???

I know the city’s broke and hard up for cash, but this is preposterous.  Now I’ve got to find out if they accept installment payments.

-On the script front, I did enter a one-page contest I was fortunate enough to win earlier this year.  If I get lucky again, the prize is a $25 gift card to Amazon and a 15-minute consultation/discussion with the woman who runs the contest.  She’s also a professional script reader/consultant, so I think I could really benefit from that.

The requirements are: one page that include, in context, three words of her choosing.  I like the way my scene developed and liked it more than I expected to.  Hope she likes it.

The weird thing is doing the comedy for that one page wasn’t that hard.  I had fun while I wrote it.  I really need to keep that feeling going while working on Baby Likes Jazz.  Maybe it’s not as hard as it first seems.

-There’s also a weekly contest from a guy who is also a script consultant, and his picks the best logline.  The prize is usually something like he’ll analyze the first 5 pages of your script, or a 5-minute phone call.  I haven’t had any luck yet, but suspect my Xmas Noir one came close.

I do have a problem with last week’s winner.  ‘Susan B Anthony: Dragon Slayer.’  Clever, but not terribly original, especially considering the recent release of ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ (which was part of my wife’s birthday present). 

I wonder what kind of reaction something like ‘Moe, Larry and Curly: Undercover G-Men!’ would get.  I may not have a script to back it up, but it sure sounds fun.

-Still looking into possibly going to a pitchfest-type of thing in the fall.  More investigation needed.