Well, that sucks

I admit it.  I got cocky.  And that may have been my downfall.

My entry in the one-page competition was not one of the three finalists.  I suppose I was biased since I made it in AND won the last time.

I checked out the three.  At first glance, I liked two of them, the third not so much.  Then I read them again, a bit slower.  The first one, which I originally liked the most, was a little confusing at the end.

The second was clever.  That’s all I really can say about it.

The third I initially didn’t like, but after re-reading it, I liked the twist ending more than the rest of it.

If I had to pick, it would be between 2 & 3.

Lesson learned:  when I think something is good, take a little break, then go back and make it better!  I’ll give that a try next time around.

-Didn’t get to do any of my own writing today, but still feeling somewhat confident about it.

-I registered with a kind of peer-review message board for various stages of screenwriting and submitted the Dreamship logline.  I’m curious to see if anybody’s responded and what they have to say.

Part of my motivation for this was my receiving an email from a contest where the 100 best loglines are forwarded to producers.  Sounds interesting.

-Speaking of which, I really should check up on that contest I found myself in from earlier this year.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember what it’s called, so tracking down an update will be quite the challenge.

With my luck, I’ll get an email sometime in the next week with my status.  But I’ll probably forget about it by this time tomorrow, so no big deal.

-The wife heads out of town this weekend, and the daughter’s camp is half a day all next week.  Those precious hours between dropping her off at 1 and picking her up at 5 will more than likely be filled with exercise and/or running.  The flaw in this plan is being too exhausted in the evening to focus or at least stay awake while trying to write while she watches TV.  Even if I only get 1-2 pages done a day, that’s still more than I’m doing now.

-Finally heard from the woman who runs the new writing group.  I suspect lots of us were off/away for the summer, so now it’s time to jump back in.  Looking forward to this.

-Inspired by last Friday’s logline/Twitter contest winner, I developed and have decided to enter the following: Moe, Larry & Curly: Undercover G-Men!

1944. The famed slapstick trio is recruited by the War Department to help break up a Nazi spy ring that has infiltrated Hollywood.

If that doesn’t work, it’s back to the drawing board.  Then again, it sounds like it would be an awesome movie.

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