That much closer…

today was more productive than I expected.  which is good.

I had this list of 5-6 items I wanted to work on, and was able to cross out 4 of them.

But I also was able to flesh out a supporting character and add a slight complication to the story, including the necessary payoff.  Nice.

It certainly seems that next week will see the end of outline work and the very possible start of actual pages.


Still no word from Manager Guy.  Big surprise.  I’m seriously wondering if I’ll even get to see him face-to-face.

Also sent a note to the Morning Sidekick asking if she can connect me with her working writer brother-in-law.  Wonder if I’ll hear back from her by Monday.  Again, that would be nice.

We’re going to the Giants game tomorrow evening, but K is staying after for the showing of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD on the Jumbotron afterward.  I’m bringing V home.  I may post upon our return, but no guarantees.

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