My most sincerest of apologies…

because this time most of it is NOT my fault.

See, my computer’s memory was bizarrely almost used up without my having used it for much.  So off it went to a former co-worker of K’s who ran a diagnostic.  A few days later, problem isolated, deactivated and computer returned.

Which brings us to now-ish.

And I’ve been trying very hard to keep busy during that time.  Mostly split amongst working, working on the outline and trying to set stuff up for my trip to LA in a few weeks.

Work is work.  I’ll leave it at that.  I did the midday shift for most of last week and one day this week.  While I’ve said I get a lot done during that time, this time I didn’t.  Progress was slow.  So I worked when I could and trudged ahead.

This week I’m back on a regular schedule, which frees up more time, which has really helped.  A few scenes here, some tweaking there.

Today, I got to the end.  There are still some minor things that need to be fixed, but it really looks like I’ve reached the end of this particular road.  I’d forgotten how nice that feels.

-The trip to LA is coming up fast.  I’ve yet to hear from Manager Guy about meeting.  I worry this will not happen at all.

But, as always, K is there to help.  An associate of hers who used to work in the industry has some folks she’ll try to connect me with.  That would be cool.

And turns out one of the morning personalities I work with, her brother-in-law co-wrote WEDDING CRASHERS and does a lot of script doctoring.  I really like the idea of meeting with him, but am not sure what exactly to ask/talk about.  First have to see if a meeting happens.

I always try to catch at least one movie when I’m down there.  While this will probably still happen, it’s nice to think I’ll be too busy to.

Back tomorrow.

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