Darn my perpetual exhaustion…

No post last night.  too tired.

But the good news is I got a lot done on the outline.  Just a few more minor details to work out, then it’s done.  Sort of.

While part of me is itching to get working on actual pages, another part says “punch it up some more!”  And although it is SO tempting to dive into the 3-page-a-day routine, I may heed my own advice and see where I can improve it.

This doesn’t constitute anything drastic.  Just putting stuff in to give it more of an impact.  I’m not sure if it was the Chinese restaurant script or Dreamship, but I recall somebody telling me the script in question needed to be “more Hollywood.”

So while the current script is okay, it could definitely use some more work.  But the important thing is that the basic structure is there.  That’s never been a problem for me, but the more I think about it, the more I want to add to it without making it too complicated.

I think it was Billy Wilder who stressed the importance of a relevant joke in every scene.  But having watched BLAZING SADDLES recently, each scene has jokes upon jokes, but that’s not my style, nor is it something I’m capable of.  If I can get at least one joke into each scene, then I’ll feel better.

And I have to remember that snappy responses do not a joke make.

If I do decide to take a two-week hiatus from this script and develop the next one in the interim, I’m still deciding whether to go with the mystery-comedy, the noir comedy or the effects-laden superhero epic.  Fun choices, all.

Decisions, decisions.

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