There I was, laptop sitting exactly there.  That ominous screen staring back at me.

Somewhere in my mind is the answer I’ve been trying to force out, which is never a good idea.  It has to be coaxed, gently, like a riled bear.  Never mind that I’ve never actually coaxed a riled bear, but you get the idea.

I needed something to wrap up the story, bring it closure, if you will. The past few weeks had shown a remarakable inability to do that.

But the past few says had been somewhat productive, so maybe I could keep the streak alive.  I started today’s writing with the intent of trying to get something done.  I looked over a few scenes.  Somwhere in there was what I was looking for.

I went to that second-to-last line in the whole outline – HOW DOES IT END?  I needed something.  Anything.

So I type.  Nothing big, but I write in my usual way of how I want it to work.  It may not make sense to somebody else, but I know what I’m trying to say.

And more words come.  Then more.

Then an idea.  Something I hadn’t thought of before.  That leads to another idea.  What if I tried this?  Hey, that could work.  I scan some of the relevant scenes.  The idea could be plugged in, AND it helps develop the character.

Hey.  Another idea, which could REALLY wrap it all up.  I type out a rough draft of the scene.  Maybe a montage before it?  Well, maybe, but that last one is a keeper.

I look it over.  This is the complete opposite of what I was looking for, at least what I thought I wanted, but it’s simple, effective and wraps up a good number of storylines.

I read it again.  It’ll probably need some developing, but at first glance, it works.  It really works.

I’m also reminded once again of how something I wrote weeks or months ago can provide the answer I need, even though I’m not even thinking about it in those particular terms.

I really like when that happens.  It’s cool.

And the rewrite begins once again…

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