I typed up the changes from yesterday to the outline and it’s really coming together, but an idea struck me as part of the ongoing battle with the final scene, and implementing that could change a lot of the storylines, or at least several.

I don’t like having to go back and rewrite to that extent, but if I don’t, it will keep nagging at me.  I also have to remind myself that this happens a lot with actual screenwriters.  I’ll tinker around with it and see what happens.  If it goes that way, so be it.

I worry that when this thing is finally done and written, nobody will be interested in it.  It’s not exactly a romcom, but it’s not a drama either.  Maybe more dramedy than anything.

I’m also concerned people will be expecting certain things because it has elements of a certain genre, but I hate when things are predictable that you can see coming a mile away.  But when you try to present something different, you get a look of “huh?” or “it’s not what we’re looking for” or some drivel like that.

During my mental stopgap earlier today, I was thinking about films like MADE OF HONOR and GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST.  I remember reading about these scripts when they sold, and thinking the concepts were clever.  But without even having seen them, and also taking into account the box office, it’s not hard to see the fingerprints of studio execs and other assorted busybodies all over them.

These scripts were probably really great to begin with, and then dumbed down to appease the masses, which destroys the originality and uniqueness, and then the studios lose interest in scripts like them, or at least others with similar originality.

It’s very frustrating, but like every other schmuck with a headful of ideas, I will keep at it until something happens.  Which I really hope is soon.  It would make my heart soar and my head swell to see my name onscreen.  And then I can rub it in the faces of those I severely dislike.

Oh, like you wouldn’t do the same thing.

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