Why can’t it be like this all the time?

I made even more progress on the outline today.  It felt really good.  There was character development and everything!  But the exact wording of the theme continues to elude me.  I know I can’t keep up this kind of pace, but I’ll keep it going as long as I can.  At this rate, I may even have a first draft done by the end of the summer.  That would be really cool.

Still no word from Manager Guy, which is weird.  He’s usually pretty good about responding.  If I don’t hear back from him by tomorrow, I’ll try again Monday.

I also got an email from a manager who originally asked to see the script back in February.  I sent them a follow-up email about 2-3 weeks ago to see what they thought of it (I did the same for a few other places as well).  Honestly, I’d given up on all of them.  But this guy sent an email today, saying he loved the premise (nice) and thinks it is definitely a movie (very nice).  But he also said I missed some of the “important elements” and could I send him the script again as well as some contact info?

I like getting those kind of emails.

I also got the standard “thanks but no thanks” email from a management/production company.  The script “does not fit our current needs at this time.”  I checked them out on imdb and they haven’t done squat in two years!  I would think they’d be really hungry for something good, but I’m not in the industry, so what do I know?

I read on an ESTABLISHED SCREENWRITER’S blog where he answered a reader’s question of “I haven’t heard from the agency/manager/prodco in 2 months.  Do I move on?”  He said they did, so you should.  It’s hard to tell what to do for each place.  Some don’t mind you reconnecting, others ignore you and so on.

It really does seem to boil down to having a killer script, which includes being well-written.  I like to think I’m getting closer to that kind of skill.

Which makes me think that JUNO was really, really overrated.

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