Project status update time!

*No reason. Just a great song, and fits within the season.*

After surviving a temporary bout of writer’s block and the phenomenon known as Thanksgivukkah, progress is once again slowly moving ahead on the mystery spec. With the time I have available per day, the output of one to three pages continues to move things along.

It’s becoming more and more apparent this draft will not be completed by year’s end, which is perfectly fine. The halfway point seems more likely.

There’s also nothing like rediscovering the satisfaction of letting your internal editor take some much-needed time off and giving free reign to the creative writer. Enjoy it now, and let the editing and analysis wait until the next draft.

But enough about me. How’s YOUR latest project coming along?

2 thoughts on “Project status update time!

  1. slowly but because there’s a lot of work to do – outlining two rewrites hoping to get moving on actual drafts next week.. and in the midst of that, reread another first draft and sort out to fix! there’s this one project I have been working on nearly a decade that I finally managed to break through this year so hopefully I can get it done end of year… or even early next year. Hopefully. at least I know now how to fix them, better late than never, right?

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