Originality abounds

Kind of busy right now. Hoping to steamroll through to the end of the rewrite before the weekend.

In the meantime, check out some of the creative types I met at APE last week…

The Selling – I first heard about this on the Nerdist podcast with Diani & Devine. Can’t wait to see it.


The Chapel Chronicles – written & drawn by 15-year-old Emma Capps

Zoms – V got a stuffed Horace and absolutely loves it.


Kevin Wood

Squid Row – out of Salinas (Steinbeck country!)

Dr Lollipop, Unicorn MD – not sure if her site mentions the Kitten Pirates, but both are great

Boston Metaphysical Society – sort of a steampunk X-Files

Finn and Charlie are Hitched

Ryan Dow

Sumo Fish – cool designs. Both V and I liked the Sushi Robot shirt

The holidays are coming up fast, and a lot of these would make great gifts. Just a suggestion…

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