This would be work if I wasn’t enjoying it

A good example of a solid multi-tasker

It ain’t easy being a multimedia superstar. Okay, maybe bi-media is more applicable. Just radio and the internets.

Since it’s only me putting together The Script Adventurer! show, each week involves gathering subject material and lining up that week’s guest.  This coming Monday, I’ll be talking to Scott Myers of Go Into The Story. If you have any interest in developing your screenwriting skills, this is definitely a site you should read on a regular basis.

*Shameless self-promotion: The Script Adventurer! Show live on your computer, 1-2PM PST Mondays via  (Just click on link #1 – Best Mix – Listen Now – LIVE.)  And if you miss it, you can catch it again on Sundays from 7-8PM PST.

I’d contacted Leonard Maltin about being on the show. I knew it was a long shot, but what did I have to lose?  He was very interested, but had to decline due to an overwhelming number of deadlines.  Understandable, but too bad.  That would have been a great conversation. Fortunately, my list of potential other guests continues to grow.

Despite the exhausting process of assembling the show, I’ve made a point of trying to write each day. Some days it may be a page; others might yield three to four. I’m just glad to be making progress.

Within the last week or so, I’ve made the startling discovery that I can actually get a fair amount of work done at the ice rink while V has hockey practice.  It seems to even have an unexpected positive effect on my creativity.  After realizing that one of the characters was basically standing around doing nothing during a pivotal sequence, I thought of something for her to do that was integral to the plot AND upped the stakes for the characters involved.  While I’d love to go back and tinker with it, the focus now is to keep moving forward.

I’m up to page 77, and figure about another 35-40 to go before the end.  A completed draft by the end of March would be nice, and is becoming more realistic each day. Nice.

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