A work in progress

gotta start somewhere

After weeks of stressing out and adding more gray to my hair, I had my illustrious debut today on radioslot.com with my new show about writing and movies, with a working title of…The Script Adventurer! (exclamation point included).  Why that?  Because writing is an adventure in itself.  I also thought it sounded fun.

In retrospect, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, except for the dry mouth in the beginning, occasional cough and having to rehydrate every once in a while.

I will also add that it’s a really good thing I had a lot of material to work with.  When it’s just you talking for 45-50 minutes out of an hour, you go through a lot of topics.  But I think I did okay.

The show as it stands is still a little all-over-the-place, but I have a few ideas for future segments and topics, so it should become a little easier.  Having guests will also help.  I’ve got two lined up, and am working on a few more.

I still have to set up a link on this page, but for now, the show ‘airs’ live on Mondays, 1-2PM PST on radioslot.com with a few rebroadcasts in the week between shows.  Feel free to listen in, and if you have a question or comment, you can call in at 415.735.SLOT (7568) or send me an email at paul@radioslot.com.

It was a bumpy start, but I’m off and running with this thing.  Want to come along?

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