All about the prep

Don't mind me. Just lookin' stuff up

Jeez, am I tired.  The past week has been a lot of non-stop getting ready for the premiere episode of my online radio show. Since it’s just me gabbing away, I’ve been trying to compile more than enough material.  It’s much better to have something left over than to run out early.

This is the part where I say thank goodness for the Internet. While my screenwriting knowledge may not be as extensive as, say, Robert McKee’s, I still have a grasp of the basics, and feel pretty comfortable talking about them.

Despite me having worked just shy of twenty years in radio, the latter fifteen actually on the air, I’ve never done a show this long. It’s always been some  chatter between songs, or a 90-second traffic report.  But as mentioned above, the more I have to talk about, the better.

I also have to give credit where credit is due to the one and only Script Doctor Eric.  He consented to being my guest for the audition show, which I suspect played an important part in sealing the deal for me getting the gig.

It was great talking to him. We discussed his background, writing tips, and other assorted-but-related topics.  The time really flew by.  He even agreed to be on the show again in the future.  Nice.

Mark your calendars: Mondays, 1-2PM PST on, starting this coming week.  Give it a listen.


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