Never throw anything away

What you need may be buried in what you don't

I’m so close to the halfway point of DREAMSHIP, it’s gettin’ scary.  While 2-3 pages a day may not seem like a lot, doing that for a few consecutive days can yield some pretty good results.  Slow and steady and all that.  Highly doubtful I’ll be done by year’s end, but if I can keep up this kind of pace, then there’s a strong chance of typing FADE OUT soon after 2012 is a reality.

We’ll be traveling next week, and I’m seeing those plane trips as prime LUCY plotting time.  A perfect scenario would be having it completely finished before the return flight touches down.

I’ve noticed while working on rewrites in general that while the new take on the story may be extremely different than its previous incarnation, there are always a few parts that fit perfectly in the new draft.  A scene or idea of a scene here, a line of dialogue there, and so on.

Sometimes when I’m done with a draft I’m absolutely certain is the final one, I’ll delete the numerous drafts that came before it.  Then, months or possibly years later, when I decide to take another stab at it, I’ll dig up that “final” version and see if any of it can fit in the new draft.  A lot of the time, a lot of it does.

-Got some good feedback from a writer friend regarding my short mystery project.  My goal this weekend is to develop the twists and red herrings of the second half.  A lot harder than expected!  He also agreed that one particular subplot of the director’s was completely ridiculous and made absolutely no sense.

Once again proving that you really should trust the writer.

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