Where did all this work come from?

So much to do, so little time to do it in

For some reason, I’ve been really busy the past couple of days. And some of that busy-ness has even been screenwriting-related.

I’m trying to allot time to each particular project when I can. Some time on the LUCY outline here, cranking out a few DREAMSHIP pages there, and now I’m supposed to talk to the director of my short project tomorrow night.

All of this added to an already busy schedule of work and parenting,and you get one tired guy.

I won’t even go into the Thanksgiving issue, which in this case means pie. My assignment for our sojourn to a friend’s house: one apple, one pumpkin. No problem.

But as exhausting as all of this is, what’s really great is I’m enjoying every single minute of it.  Even better is I’ve been making some good progress on just about every front.

-THIS CLOSE to finishing a key scene in DREAMSHIP, then it’s back to the attempted 3 pages a day routine

-Still hammering out details for the rest of Act Two of LUCY, but the previous draft is a great resource. Love the cherry picking of what works and what doesn’t.

-Ideas churning for the short. Should be an interesting talk with the director.

-Pie ingredients purchased. Only mixing and baking remain.

I’m trying to make sure I don’t spread myself too thin over all these projects, or burn out on any of them.  When you’re pursuing something as big as this, you find the time and energy to get it done.  If it seems too much like work, or time just drags when you’re doing something you love, chances are you probably don’t love it anymore.

Fortunately for me, I haven’t experienced that sensation, nor do I expect to.  I’ve got big plans for these and future projects, and although it may be a little rough along the way or take a little longer than I originally hoped to get them done, the main point is they will get done.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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