>Insert monkey pun here<

Don’t know how I could have forgotten, but earlier tonight I suddenly realized that APE is next weekend.  APE is the Alternative Press Expo; sort of a mini-Comic Con for small and/or self-published comics.  It’s very anti-mainstream, and there’s always some good stuff to be found.  Definitely cheaper to go there than to the big cons.

I’ve gone for a number of years with my pal Neil.  He’s always been more into the darker stuff, despite his sunny exterior.  And after years of not being allowed to go, since some of the stuff is very adult in nature, V got to go with us last year.  She enjoyed it, especially since there was more kid-friendly stuff than I remember.

Some of the artists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting include Keith Knight, Raina Telgemeier, Gene Ha and Ted Naifeh.  Each has produced really great material.  Check ’em all out; buy their books.

APE has always been a later-in-the-year alternative companion to Wondercon, but not so this time. Due to renovation work at the convention space, the powers that be are moving it to Anaheim for 2012, with the intent of coming back to San Francisco in 2013.  There’s some skepticism that it will return.  I really hope it does.  It would really suck if it doesn’t.

There’s definitely something about being able to leave the house, drive ten minutes and walk onto the convention floor.  Everybody should be able to do that.

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