I get by with a little help from…

I had a good talk today with a friend of mine from our old writing group.  The new group hasn’t met since February, despite word from the organizer that “she’s working on it.”  So my friend and I reconnected, and it was nice.

We each described what we were working on; me and the rewrite, her and her new story idea.  Then we talked about what we’ve seen lately, and talked about possibly bringing back another former member.

I don’t know how many writers like me take part in a writing group, but if you don’t, you really should.  And if there aren’t any around, try starting one.  Craigslist is a good place to start.

It’s like a support group made up of people just like you. The skill levels are for the most part equal, and confidence levels adjust with each meeting.  Being part of one has been incredibly beneficial to me.  I get feedback on my work, and give feedback to others.  It’s really played a significant part of helping me become a better writer.

-I worked the midday shift yesterday, and was making some good progress on the rewrite, but then there was a fatality around the halfway mark, so I kind of had to focus on all that work stuff.  Which was probably for the better.  Especially with the GM constantly coming in to ask questions.

I also made the decision to cut out a part of the story I still love, only because it  wasn’t really working in the overall scheme of things.  On a positive note, this forces me to think of an alternative idea, which will most likely be more effective than before.

-Question time! Is 8 1/2 too young to watch RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK? Today was the last day of school, and K suggested we celebrate by watching it as a family.  I wasn’t sure if it would be too scary.  Your thoughts?  Experiences?  And let’s avoid the ‘depends on the child’ argument.

3 thoughts on “I get by with a little help from…

  1. I watched Raiders with my daughter when she was … 7, I think. Maybe 8. I forget. She deals with a lot of anxieties, so we try to be careful about what she’s exposed to, but she enjoyed it. It wasn’t a “I want to watch this again!” kind of movie for her, but she liked it. It didn’t seem to scare her too much, and she’s a kid who doesn’t do well with being scared.

  2. We decided to go through with it. She covered her eyes voluntarily for the more intense moments, but overall seemed to enjoy it. I don’t think she wants to see it again any time soon, though.

    Now my problem is whether GREEN LANTERN will be the same way. It’s PG-13, but she wants to see it. I’m guessing it’ll be another Netflix entry.

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