We can rebuild him

Some good progress on the rewrite today. I’m getting closer to the page 45 twist, and may have also come up with a few ideas on how to fix a few glaring plot holes.  Always nice when that happens.

While I do the work, I usually have a piece of paper in case of sudden inspiration, the word document containing the current outline, and the original script open in a separate window.  All three slowly working together, hopefully to result in something good.

Looking over my previous draft, I can’t help but notice how slow parts of it are. Here’s hoping this rewrite will avoid that.  When other writers start a page one rewrite, how much do they refer back to the previous draft?  Do you start completely from scratch, or take what you have and see if a little tweaking would do the trick?  Just askin’.

-My Nicholl-deadline-reaching may yet again be in jeopardy, but not because of the rewrite.  I’m waiting to hear back about a project involving punching up somebody’s script, at least in terms of the action lines.  One of the instructions was basically “do NOT touch the dialogue”.  It’ll be interesting to see what the writer says regarding making changes (read: fixing), if necessary, to the story.

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