Oh. That.

Nicholl winners 2010

No LUCY progress today.  Extended workday.  Too much rain.  Picking up V from school because she has a hockey game.  They say a writer can make time to write, but it ain’t easy when you got a lot of other stuff going on.

I got an email a few days ago from the Nicholl people, officially announcing last year’s winners.  It was a good wake-up call.

It had completely slipped my mind that the deadline is fast approaching (May 2nd). My original goal was to do a rewrite on DREAMSHIP.  I even have the great notes I got from the fine folks at ScriptQuack.

Then the idea for LUCY hit, and I haven’t looked back.  No regrets whatsoever.

But now I’ve got another idea.

I’m still planning on finishing the LUCY outline by the end of next week, which would then give me about a month to work on DREAMSHIP and get it in before the deadline.  It’s doable.

I just have to brush the dust off the DREAMSHIP notes first.

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