Why here, not there

Nice progress on LUCY’s third act so far. There’s still a gap between where I am now and the end, but it’s slowly shrinking.  I’m making sure not to rush it.  Confidence still relatively high.

This morning I read the latest of several interviews with people still getting their careers underway.  Just about all of them moved to LA from somewhere else, worked their asses off and are making some headway.  Good for them.

Many of my friends and co-workers ask “If you want to write movies, why don’t you live in LA?”

Because I don’t want to.

Yes, it’s where the industry is based.  Where opportunities are plentiful.  Where the magic happens, etc, etc.

I’ve been there many times, and for my taste, I don’t really care for it.  I’m sure it’s a great place to live, but given the choice between San Francisco and Los Angeles, I’ll take Fog City.

Besides, I can write anywhere.  And once I get a career going, it’s a one-hour flight from SFO to LAX.  I could probably spend the same amount of time getting there as some people do on the 405.

When K and I were getting ready to leave school, we knew we wanted to be in a metropolitan area.  After going through our list of criteria, San Francisco was at the top of the list.  We haven’t regretted the choice ever since.

I’ve been to screenwriting expos and weekend seminars.  At least half of the people are local, the rest are from the rest of the world.  Movies may be made in LA, but you don’t have to live there to write one.  Like I’m always hearing, if the script is good enough, they’ll come to you.

Which is what I’m working on.

2 thoughts on “Why here, not there

  1. I got it worse than you pal, I’m in Wisconsin… that’s right, a Dairyland scribe! But you know what? My stories are here. Thus, I’m here. Pounding out draft after draft. And, like yourself, holding out for L.A. until I absolutely can’t not live there. (I was there in ’95, didn’t care for it much either.)

    Nice blog you got here by the way! I shall visit regularly, to be sure!

    • Jeff:

      Thanks for checking me out. Glad you like it.

      re: your location. As long as you’re enjoying the writing, it doesn’t matter where you are. Everybody’s gotta start somewhere.

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