Didja miss me?

I’ve been working a killer schedule the past few weeks, which is why I haven’t been able to post anything.


-Been on my own since Tuesday night, when K & V went back to visit the in-laws.  Things have quiet and busy – see above item about crazy hours.  K comes home tomorrow – YAY!  V comes home with K’s sister on Thursday – YAY!

-STILL NOTHING from Manager Guy.  Slightly pissed at him.

-Due to the work thing, the outline is taking way too long to get done. Ugh.

-Saw STAR TREK. Meh.  B-Minus. I liked how they intro’d the characters, but hated the whole Future Spock thing.  And the bad guy didn’t do much for me.

-Watched 5 movies while K & V have been away.  WONDER WOMAN (not bad), NIM’S ISLAND (fun but a little corny), THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME (not too bad anime), SPEED RACER (as bright, colorful and nutritious as pre-packaged neon cotton candy) and A BRIDGE TOO FAR (star-studded so-so WWII).

-Went for a bike ride on the Golden Gate this morning.  It was fun, even with the came-across-as-snobbish cyclists in their racing spandex.

Objective for the week – the outline!

3 thoughts on “Didja miss me?

    • I think he means the people who where racing spandex with sponsor names on them. I don’t think anyone is sponsoring Paul’s 4:30am rides to work.

  1. I’ve missed you already! Now write something new! Sorry frustrating day at work- was hoping you’d have written something to distract me.

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