As fast as molasses in January…

That’s the speed of my progress on the latest rewrite.  I’m being more hesitant about just putting something down.  This is where that whole ‘plotting’ thing comes in.

The weirdest thing is that when I took my notes to work on Friday afternoon, it was a bit more productive than when I’m at home with the laptop.  Can’t explain it.  I’ll start doing this more often, but also keep working at home.

I really hope to get a lot done next week after K & V leave town, but it also depends on how many hours I’ll be working.  I told my boss that I’ll have plenty of free time, which is true, but it would be nice to actually use that time for my own purposes.

But if I can get at least a percentage of the outline done in a relatively short time, that would be good.  I’m not going to set a target date for completion, because I always go past it.

And when that’s done at a level I’m really, really comfortable with, then I can dive into actual pages.

In the meantime, I bring my notes to work and trudge ahead.

Here we go again…

I got some really good feedback from both members of my writing group, which means I’ll pick and choose from their comments and apply accordingly to the rewrite.

At first I loathe the idea of having to do this again, but there’s a part of me that is compelled to get this story done.  And the more I think about it, the more I look forward to taking on the challenge of the rewrite.  No doubt this feeling will pass when I hit another wall.

I started the actual rewrite of the outline with some minor changes here and there.  It’ll be interesting to see what else changes along the way.

I keep each version of each revision, occasionally going back for something during the rewrite process.  It can be very nice when I find something to use in the latest draft.

I hope to get the first act done by next week.  Don’t know if that will actually happen, but it would be nice.

Still no word from Manager Guy.  Ugh.

My brother suggests I send along to the other place that asked me to resend the script.  I’m leaning that way.

I’ve also considered sending out another wave of queries for my Chinese restaurant romcom.  It would be very interesting to see what would come from that.  That and the rewrite may be my projects for while K and V are away.

And maybe pie.  Pie is always good.

Measuring progress in inches…

I didn’t really get to write much today.  Nothing, actually.

I did print out the comments from the guy in my writing group, but didn’t have time to look it over.  It worked out for the best because the woman said she only had a few pages of her script ready and could we meet again in two weeks, rather than tonight?

Since she also mentioned having comments on my outline, I’m going to her office tomorrow to pick them up and analyze both sets.

K and V go away in two weeks.  I think a lot of my time during their absence will be focused on assembling a solid outline.  That’s the hope, anyway.  That and watching lots of movies – at least two IN the theatre.  Whoo!

The more I think about it, the more I wish I could get new blood into our group.  It’s not bad the way it is, but when I joined up, there were at least 5 or 6 of us, and many people have come and gone, including the founder.  I made a go of organizing it and actually recruited some new people, but each one eventually dropped out for one reason or another.

I remember one guy who had some really good ideas stopped writing altogether to focus on photography.  I’ve always considered myself a writer, so that’s what I focus on.  But I also have this driving force inside me that wants to make it my career, so I keep striving to succeed.  My wonderful and supportive K is there to prop me up when I feel discouraged or hopeless.

Somedays it may seem that way, but a man with experience in the industry read my very first script and said although it was pretty rough, I was a good writer.  I liked that.  Now I need someone to say “you’re a great writer and I’m going to give you a shitload of cash for your script.  And you can have a STORY BY credit too.”

That would be really cool.

Back in the saddle…

I didn’t get to post on Friday.  We were at some friends’ place for dinner and didn’t get home until too late.

I sent my outline to members of my writing group (because they asked to see it).  I just reviewed the one guy’s comments.  As per usual, his feedback/suggestions ran hot and cold.  Sometimes I think he’s got the right idea; sometimes I don’t get where he’s coming from.

He’s a nice guy, but he’s been working on the same script for about 2 years now, with lots and lots of rewrites.  This happened with his previous script, which kept undergoing changes for almost the same length of time.  As far as I know, he never got a complete draft written.

To be honest, I skimmed what he said and will probably be a bit more thorough about it tomorrow, which is when the female member of our group comes over.  For the time being, he can’t take part, since he’s performing in a show.  I’m intrigued as to what she has to say.  She has also not completed a draft of anything for as long as I’ve known her, which is a little less than 8 years.

This has happened before, but after I wrote about not hearing from Manager Guy, I heard from him!  Unfortunately, he had no news, which is better than “they said no”.  He remains “enthusiastically optimistic” he will hear back from several people he contacted.  I don’t mind if he hears back, just as long as it’s good news.

And by good news, I mean they want to buy.  Or at least have some meetings.

That would be really nice.

Why can’t it be like this all the time?

I made even more progress on the outline today.  It felt really good.  There was character development and everything!  But the exact wording of the theme continues to elude me.  I know I can’t keep up this kind of pace, but I’ll keep it going as long as I can.  At this rate, I may even have a first draft done by the end of the summer.  That would be really cool.

Still no word from Manager Guy, which is weird.  He’s usually pretty good about responding.  If I don’t hear back from him by tomorrow, I’ll try again Monday.

I also got an email from a manager who originally asked to see the script back in February.  I sent them a follow-up email about 2-3 weeks ago to see what they thought of it (I did the same for a few other places as well).  Honestly, I’d given up on all of them.  But this guy sent an email today, saying he loved the premise (nice) and thinks it is definitely a movie (very nice).  But he also said I missed some of the “important elements” and could I send him the script again as well as some contact info?

I like getting those kind of emails.

I also got the standard “thanks but no thanks” email from a management/production company.  The script “does not fit our current needs at this time.”  I checked them out on imdb and they haven’t done squat in two years!  I would think they’d be really hungry for something good, but I’m not in the industry, so what do I know?

I read on an ESTABLISHED SCREENWRITER’S blog where he answered a reader’s question of “I haven’t heard from the agency/manager/prodco in 2 months.  Do I move on?”  He said they did, so you should.  It’s hard to tell what to do for each place.  Some don’t mind you reconnecting, others ignore you and so on.

It really does seem to boil down to having a killer script, which includes being well-written.  I like to think I’m getting closer to that kind of skill.

Which makes me think that JUNO was really, really overrated.