As fast as molasses in January…

That’s the speed of my progress on the latest rewrite.  I’m being more hesitant about just putting something down.  This is where that whole ‘plotting’ thing comes in.

The weirdest thing is that when I took my notes to work on Friday afternoon, it was a bit more productive than when I’m at home with the laptop.  Can’t explain it.  I’ll start doing this more often, but also keep working at home.

I really hope to get a lot done next week after K & V leave town, but it also depends on how many hours I’ll be working.  I told my boss that I’ll have plenty of free time, which is true, but it would be nice to actually use that time for my own purposes.

But if I can get at least a percentage of the outline done in a relatively short time, that would be good.  I’m not going to set a target date for completion, because I always go past it.

And when that’s done at a level I’m really, really comfortable with, then I can dive into actual pages.

In the meantime, I bring my notes to work and trudge ahead.

2 thoughts on “As fast as molasses in January…

  1. Makes sense that whatever it is you are supposed to be doing is not nearly as interesting as anything else. Glad to have found your newest blog.

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