Now available for your reading enjoyment

Well, today’s the day.

My book – GO AHEAD AND ASK!, VOLUME 1 – is officially available.

It contains 42 interviews with script consultants, and offers a wide variety of helpful advice that could benefit any screenwriter, no matter how much or how little experience they have, as well as each person’s contact info (where applicable), and of course, their favorite kind of pie.

And as the title indicates, this is the first volume. The second and third, featuring interviews with not only more consultants, but also screenwriters, filmmakers, and writers in other mediums, are slated for release in the late June/early July and mid-September timeframes, respectively.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll be interested enough in wanting to take a look at this one.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the book, and have a piece of pie with my compliments.

One thought on “Now available for your reading enjoyment

  1. Paul,

    I am so glad your book is now available. Have you thought about offering signed copies, even at extra cost, for those of us who would like that ? Hey, my books are on Amazon also so I understand wanting to get your product out to as many as possible. If no signed available, then I’ll get the Amazon copy and figure out how to get to SF to get you to sign it. Ah ha, I know how. When I am in LA to sign the contracts for the sale of my script (s) we can hook up somewhere up North. Jim


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