Plan accordingly forwardly

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Know what’s ahead and what you’re going to do about it

Now that we’re well into the second half of the year, I’ve been working on scheduling out how I’d like the time between now and December 31st to be filled up, both writing and career development-wise.

As you’d imagine, there’s a lot of writing involved. Finishing the rewrite of one script, polishing another, cranking out a first draft of yet another. I’ve done what I can to establish realistic and achievable deadlines – no more writing marathons for me.

Add to that the efforts to network and meet with other writers, both in-person and online, along with pursuing viable avenues to get the work out there, such as query letters and contests.

One important part of all of this is that, for the most part, I’m the one overseeing all of this. Nothing will get done or happen if I don’t make the effort. As for the things I have no control over, especially the career-oriented ones, I’ll do what I can to get the ball rolling and see what develops.

A friend saw my list of objectives and said “Good idea. Plan to succeed.”

Part of this stems from exactly that. I’m working at this so I can succeed. Being organized about what you want to accomplish helps you stay focused on getting closer to actually achieving it.

While you’re working on your script, you should always be asking yourself “How can I make this better?” Well, this also applies to working on getting a career going. How can you make it better?

Keep writing. Your skills will improve and your number of completed projects will increase.

Seek out connections. The internet is your greatest tool for networking with other writers and folks within the industry. Very important – be nice.

Do your homework. Find out the necessary details as they apply to you and what you’re trying to accomplish. Whether it’s the best format for a query, if somebody’s contact info is still accurate, or which contest is a good match for your script.

Commit. You know all the things you need to do and want to do. Now dedicate yourself to doing them.

All of this may seem somewhat overwhelming at first, but get in the habit of making it a daily effort – even just a little at a time – and the results will start to take shape.

5 thoughts on “Plan accordingly forwardly

  1. Like your plan. Mine includes taking naps, writing my awards acceptance speech, more naps, rearranging & dusting the scripts on the table next to my desk and promising myself that I’ll get organized first thing tomorrow.

  2. Now, why am I suddenly feeling so—guilty?!
    I think I’ll follow James’s plan instead, especially the “naps” part – just for a little while – until I can get organized enough to follow your success plan!
    Meanwhile, you go, Paul!
    We’ll follow suit when it’s a bit cooler…promise.
    PS. Thanks Paul, as always you’re an inspiration!!

    • May West, With all that you have going on , you must follow Paul’s plan. My plan is merely an exercise in procrastination, which, FYI, is something I do so well I could teach a course in it, well, if I could find the time.

  3. We seem to be eerily on similar paths. Put one project on the shelf, polishing another which I sent to a couple of friends for feedback and I’m about to start plotting an initial draft on another idea floating in my head. I will use this idea with a 6-month course beginning in a week.

    Having a plan keeps me moving forward. I probably don’t network and socialize as I should, but I manage to come up for air now and then.

    By the end of the year, I will hope to have 3 polished scripts I can market.

    Thanks for posting, Paul

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