I’ll take a mulligan on this one

Today’s post was originally going to be about peppering your script with little details to give it more personality.  But I didn’t like the way it turned out, so I trashed it.

Rather than make a second attempt, I’m instead opting for an impromptu survey.

-What page are you up to for the draft of your latest project?

I’m at 104.


6 thoughts on “I’ll take a mulligan on this one

  1. I finished a draft but have gone back to fix descriptions for a final edit. I am currently on page 11. Going slowly the last two days (is it the dang cold weather? Not sure!), but hoping it will speed up soon.

    • Sounds good. Don’t feel like you have to rush. Chances are you may have to go through it at least 1-2 more times. It happens.

      Hoping to finally get to your script this week. Apologies for the delay.

      • Thanks Paul re: script! And that’s great advice – I do feel a bit rushed since I have been sitting on this other script for years. I dunno – maybe it’s a case of writers block I haven’t been hit with it in a long time so it sorta sucks:).

      • True, it does suck. Trying to force the creativeness doesn’t work. Best to slow down and let it simmer. I’m working my way through the same thing, only still in the outline phase. The solutions are coming slowly, giving me time to fine-tune them as I plod forward.

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