Argh again

Summing up my mood quite nicely

Ever have one of those days where you think you’re going to have a breakthrough moment, but nothing does?  Or the answer to a nagging problem seems just out of reach, but then you realize it’s even farther away than you thought?

That’s what’s happening to me right now with the LUCY outline. I’m stuck in a section right after the midpoint, and can’t figure my way out of it.  Which is really frustrating.  I really like everything that’s led up to where I am now, which has apparently become a big ol’ unscalable wall.

I’m waiting for that one little spark of creativity to put things back in motion.  More importantly, trying to force it out will make its appearance even less likely, so I have to step back, take a deep breath and other kinds of relaxation cliches.

Regarding the DREAMSHIP rewrite, progress on that front has also been slow due to working a ton of split shifts (morning and afternoon drive), reading and commenting on scripts, a freelance project and the usual daily routine.  I used to shoot for 3 pages a day, which is a pretty good system, but lately I may have to alter that to an hour a day because it may be easier to acheive.

Part of my frustration also stems from wanting to be done. This is more of a ‘sense of accomplishment’ standpoint, rather than ‘I just want this to be over!’ one.  I know I’ll finish this eventually, but prefer it were sooner than later.

And now, return of the Movie of the Moment with still another double-hit. First, THE CRAZIES (2010), a horror about a small town in Iowa that gets hit with a virus that turns its victims into mindless killers.  Some good moments of suspense, not as much gore as I was expecting, and a female lead who can’t stop wandering into dangerous situations.  Nothing special.

Second, REAL STEEL (2011), or as some like to call it, ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM ROBOTS: THE MOVIE. V was keen on seeing it, so we took in a matinee.  Basically, this is ROCKY with robots. It was fun and pretty predictable. I didn’t mind seeing it in the theatre, but wouldn’t have had a problem with watching it on Netflix.

While the special effects were high-quality, I was most impressed with the acting of Dakota Goyo as Hugh Jackman’s son.  The kid really holds his own.

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