Time won’t let me

>Insert time pun here<

I may have overcome my opening pages dilemma. I thought things through, figured out what I needed to show, and took it from there. It’s different than what it was before, and I think a little stronger this time around.

I’ve been working a split shift this week (4:30-9am, then 3-6pm), so my available writing time has been short. As you can imagine, there just hasn’t been much time to work on my own stuff.  Sure, this will push back my target end date, but that’s just the way it is.

On that note, I read this earlier today.

I paid particular interest to his comment that he set about writing eight hours a day, seven days a week as he could manage.

Wow.  I wish I had that kind of time available to write, but I don’t.  I don’t know if he ever got out of the house or spent all his off-the-job-time writing.  I can’t do that. Not because I don’t want to, but I have other stuff that needs to get done.

I really hope this doesn’t come across as sounding whiny or jealous. I may be a little jealous of his success, but not in a “why this guy and not me?” way; more of a “that’s great; hope that’s me someday” way.

I wish I could get more writing done each day, but for now, I work with my schedule and just do the best I can.

-V and I saw HARRY POTTER PT 2 last night. It was fun, but don’t feel like I need to go out of my way to see it again.  Maybe the next time it’s on TV. I’m also feeling a little burned out by the whole series. I read the books, which I really hope V will be motivated to actually read herself someday, and we own the first 6 films, which have been watched many, many times.

V grabbed my arm tightly a few times during the more intense parts, but she enjoyed it.

It was hard not to think about JK Rowling and how she came up with all of this. Really impressive. I’m almost tempted to skim through some of the later books again.


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