Off and running

Well, look what I found...

After much deliberation whether or not to keep tinkering with the outline, I opted to just delve right in.

I typed ‘Fade In’, and about half a page worth of the opening scene before having to deal with family stuff.  Better to get a little written than none at all.

I’m always guilty of too much self-editing, so I may try to just steamroll through this draft without looking back until I type ‘Fade Out’.

The key word here is ‘try’.  Sometimes I get too caught up in rewriting during the rewrite.  We’ll see.

Still feeling confident about the whole thing. Check back in a week or two to see if that’s still the case.

-I save each script on my hard drive, and have a backup on a flash drive.  I dug up the flash the previous draft was on (having since erased all previous drafts a while ago) and noticed there was a file marked ‘Story Ideas’. This was from about five years ago.  In fact one of them was five years and a day. Wow.

Each one was the super-basic outline of a different story. I remember coming up with one or two of them, but the rest were totally new.  It was amazing to see how much I had written. While one may have just been a logline and five single-word subplot ideas, another was three solid pages of potential scenes.

Again, I couldn’t remember writing some of these whatsoever.  In fact, I wasn’t even sure I was the original author of one of them (which I was).  I thought it was an outline, but it was a lot of possible scenes.

Basically, this was a quite a nice surprise I had provided for myself. When I’m not working on pages, I’ll have to remind myself to put together a folder of hard copies of the ones worth keeping.

No Movie of the Moment today, but I finished EATING RAOUL. Loved it.

One thought on “Off and running

  1. You really should dive it and not stop until you’re done. That’s was Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond books, and I admit stealing the approach for my own work. It’s too easy to stop and fix things and kill the momentum. It’s hard, but do it. Write until Fade Out and then go back and fix all you want.

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