Could this be it?

Got an invite to a new writing group from my compatriot. They’re meeting later this week, and everybody is said to be experienced. Which is good. I wrote to the organizer and said it might be better for me to be an observer, rather than just jumping in, handing out my stuff and saying “What do you think?”

I also heard back from the fine folks at the Nicholl. They got approximately 6300 entries, and mine is 4967. While it would be nice to advance – scratch that. It would be great, even phenomenal to advance, but even if I don’t make it past this first round, I’m not going to be disheartened. I really like how the rewrite came together, and I can really focus on getting this dreaded outline done.

My compatriot had nice things to say about what I’ve got so far in the outline, which is always encouraging. As I said to her, if I can get past those scenes between the midpoint and Twist #2, then the rest shouldn’t be that hard. That’s 10-12 scenes, more or less. Right now, they’re seeming very formidable. But I’m sure I’ll get past them. Eventually.

I’ve also put it out of my mind about the logline-based contest, which is how the rewrite came to be in the first place. The deadline for another contest came and went this weekend. I thought about entering, but then I reminded myself – “You don’t have to enter ALL of them.” I guess I’d rather focus on the outline and getting this script in order before thinking about more contests.
But for now, I’ve got to get back in the habit of writing every day. Not doing so makes me feel like I’m missing out on getting closer to the goal of a finished script.

And a finished script is exactly what I want.

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