Quick update

This is being written on my iPhone because I’m at work, where I amazingly get more writing work done sometimes. It depends on how traffic is. Lots of sun today, so hopefully Bay Area motorists will know what they’re doing.

I haven’t made nearly as much progress on my outline as I’d hope to by now. I finally reached the point where I was happy with the story, but have been very lax in getting things done. I’ll try to do better on that.

It probably doesn’t help that the writing group is just and somebody else. And our meetings have become sporadic. I’ve been trying to connect with other writers, but no luck yet. Feedback from others is very helpful.

-The option on Dreamship expired last month. I haven’t heard from Producer Guy since last September. Jerk. I may send out another round of query letters soon. At least now I can claim the script was optioned.

-I’ve been following a blog called ScriptShadow that reviews scripts in circulation. The reviews are mixed, but I get the impression my stuff might not be as well-received. Not as edgy. But I’m okay with that, because while I might enjoy the concept of a particular story, a lot of times the execution leaves me flat.

But it’s also more important to me to impress people who can make things happen, rather than other writers who read blogs…

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