I’m really bad at this…

I said I’d try to post on a regular basis, and look what happened.


I have only myself to blame.

So casting feelings of letting my loyal readers (both of them) down aside, here’s what’s happened since last time:

Not much.

Granted, I did go to LA for a few days, but the meetings I was hoping for never materialized, with a semi-exception being a phone call with a guy who has also had scripts optioned but never sold or produced.  He said the industry is getting harder for somebody like me to break into.


On the plus side, he said he’d read two of my scripts.  Still waiting to hear about that.

I also connected with a couple of people who said they would look into setting up some more connections for me.  Still waiting to hear about those as well, including one guy who worked more on the business/legal side of things but knows some people, which includes a writer with representation.  Hoping to talk to her.

I also sent the Chinese restaurant script to the guy from the management firm who seemed interested in Dreamship.  That happened last week, so I’ll drop him a follow-up line in a day or so.

And to wrap it all up, I’m planning to go back around mid-October to see if any of these calls, emails and whatever result in actual meetings.

And incredibly, no word from Producer Guy (formerly known as ‘Manager Guy’).  Maybe I’ll get to meet him in person next time around too.  We’ll see.

Also reconnected with a friend I haven’t seen in years.  She always provided good feedback on my stuff.  She confirmed how I’ve been feeling about the current state of things.

Today is Yom Kippur, so I’m on the tail end of fasting to atone for the past year.  My stomach is growling, my head hurts and there are a few hours to go until the return of food.

So I’ll stop now so I can go lie down.

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