Yet another weekend comes to an end

I wrote not a whit this weekend, but that usually happens on the weekends.  And it’s okay.

Kind of cool was that today was the 98th running of Bay to Breakers, a fun 12K from one end of San Francisco to the other. It was really hot, but I did it.  without stopping.  Estimated time – 1:14 or so.  I won’t know until tomorrow or Tuesday.  As I said to several people later in the day, the late-middle-aged naked people had the right idea.

I enjoy the running and hope to do a few more races for the rest of the year, which right now is a wait and see type of thing.

I haven’t heard from Manager Guy, who is supposed to get results from Studio 1 and Studio 2.  I hope that changes this week.  I’m also hoping to get further along with the outline.  And just to top it all off, I’d like a big sack of money to fall from the sky.

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