I think I’m getting the hang of this…

I googled this thing a few days ago and lo and behold, there it was!  About 4th down the list, so maybe I’m doing something right.  Yay for me.

Quite a lot of stuff has happened since my last post…

-Still in waiting mode for the script thing.  Perhaps this is the week that the universe finally makes it all right.  Once everything is signed, I will explain all.

-Interesting side note to the above item.  A friend of mine from high school whom I reconnected with through Facebook said she had a friend who is starting out as a screenwriter and asked if I would be willing to talk to her.  I said sure.  She wrote me, I responded.  It’s hard to believe I can now claim the mantle of ‘advice-giver’.  Gosh.

-Watched the Oscars last night – sporadically.  I had other stuff to do, including laundry and helping my daughter with her reading homework.  The amazing part is I’ve only seen a handful of the films mentioned throughout the evening, but not one Best Picture nominee.  Of the 5, Benjamin Button, Slunmdog and The Wrestler are the only ones I’ll put on my Netflix queue.  Yes, like most writers, I dream of being there one day and what I would say if I won.  Don’t ask because I’m still editing it.

-Speaking of my daughter, she’s getting better at skating.  Didja know she wants to be a hockey goalie?  But first she has to learn how to actually skate.  After a few weeks of watching her from off the ice (definite improvement there), the instructor said maybe if I went out there, it would help boost her confidence.  So I went after work during the week.  I didn’t fall, but this was the ‘adults’ skating time, so I was probably the youngest person out there.  It doesn’t really boost one’s pride when a 75-year-old woman glides past you as you struggle to stay upright.  But again – I did not fall.  Two days later, I was out there with her class and did little better.  Again – no falling.  But it did a number on my lower back, so I have to start doing yoga again or some kind of daily stretching routine so as to avoid that from happening again.

-The comic geek in me is quite psyched about WonderCon this weekend.  My ponytailed chum Neil and I have gone for the past few years and it’s always fun.  Exhausting, occasionally expensive, but fun.  I’ve already got some items on my shopping list.  I may even experiment and put photos up here.

Until next time…

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