Hey writers!! T- minus…

That’s how long until the great unveiling of the Maximum Z Summer ’22 Script Showcase (June 24th, with a deadline of the 22nd, so mark those calendars!)

As of this writing, 51 screenplays (including several shorts) and 35 TV pilots have been submitted. As you’d expect with this large a collection, a wide variety of genres is represented.

I’ve been asked more than a few times why I’m doing this, what benefit I get, and who’s going to see it.

The first two are easy. I do this because I think it’s great to promote the work of other writers. I’m not asking for any kind of fee or “I did this for you, so now you can do this for me”-type scenarios.

(I will, however, humbly ask that you check out my book to consider for purchasing. Link over there to your right –>>)

As for who’s going to see it…that’s a little tougher to say.

It really comes down to how many people promote it. I do that as much as I can on a few social media platforms, and if your script is included in the list, highly recommend you do the same. Nothing wrong with tooting one’s own horn. The more eyes we can get on this thing, the more interest it can generate.

Also once again- if any of the scripts really grabs you or sounds like something you think you’d be interested in reading, CONTACT THE WRITER!! I’ve done that for a few, and the writers were more than happy to send their script.

So for those who might have missed it, here’s how it works.

Send the following info here with the subject ‘Maximum Z Summer ’22 Script Showcase’:

Film or TV?





Awards (if any, and a limit of 5)

Your email



Also – short scripts are more than welcome, and it’s preferred for TV writers to send in original material, rather than scripts for pre-existing shows.

As mentioned before, the deadline for sending in is Wednesday, June 22nd, with the final list posted on Friday, June 24th, so don’t put it off until the last minute.

Still plenty of spaces available.