How much is too much?

A scene could be wafer-thin but still be potentially harmful
This slightly expository scene is practically wafer-thin. What harm could it do?

The rewrite continues, with some of the suggested changes being implemented.

Some, not all.

I take each suggestion into heavy consideration.  First and foremost – will it make the story better?

There’s no argument about some of them. They work, and that’s it.

There are the ones that are “maybe”. Purely optional.

Fortunately, there aren’t any that are straight-out “no”.

It’s the ones that suggest going into more detail (tell us more about this world you’ve created, explain why a character acts like they do, etc.) that are giving me pause.

I understand the reasoning behind this, but my concern is putting in too much information that it bogs down the whole thing. I’m as much for explaining things as much as the next writer, but I don’t want to overdo it.

I’d much rather leave a little to the audience’s imagination, rather than bombarding them with why things are happening.

Think of it this way: the flux capacitor makes time travel possible. Do you need to know how it works?

I suspect my subconscious creativeness let it’s two cents be known by coming up with a wonderfully bad joke to explain something. My initial response is to take it out, but it may actually be just what the scene needs.

-Movie of the Moment – The trailer for the next Percy Jackson movie came out earlier this week (hitting theatres in August), so now V is splitting her time between reading the book it’s based on and watching PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF (2010) again.

I don’t have anything against the movie. It’s adequate popcorn fare with excessive CG (which this kind of story couldn’t be told without), and V likes it.  The more I think about it, the whole franchise just feels like a semi-successful attempt to be the next Harry Potter.

We also checked out the trailer for PACIFIC RIM, which has growing potential to be a family outing to our local theatre this summer.

Subtle tweaks

I would totally use this
I would totally use this

Had a really good phone call with my manager and his assistant yesterday (still getting used to being able to say that) about what changes need to be made to the script before it’s ready to go out.

Fortunately, there aren’t that many.

Most of them are small details that will add a little depth to the story and flesh out some of the characters. Looking over the notes doesn’t make it seem like it’ll be too big to tackle.

It’s always nice to hear somebody be as enthusiastic about your work as you feel when you’re working on it. A little validation goes a long way.

I was really impressed with Chris the assistant’s knowledge about crafting a script and what makes for a good story.  He definitely knows his stuff.  It didn’t hurt that he seemed especially interested in some of my other story ideas.

So for now the focus is on the rewrite. The first draft of the western is on hold (54 pages as of yesterday), and the podcast gets pushed back again.

It’s highly doubtful all my potential script meetings/discussions in the future will go this smoothly, but it was definitely a great way to start.

I did it (part 1)

Pretty self-explanatory, I hope
Pretty self-explanatory, I hope

You can no longer consider me a screenwriter without representation.

I signed with a manager this week: Sean Butler of The Mikael Group.

He found DREAMSHIP on The Black List and liked it enough to want to work with me on it.  The enthusiastic comments from his coverage person were also a nice little ego boost.

(Fortunately, his suggestions about changes to the script all are pretty minor and shouldn’t make a rewrite too difficult.  We’ll be discussing those next week.)

Simply put, it feels really good to have all that hard work finally pay off.

But this is a short-term celebration.  I’ve overcome the first hurdle of getting a career going (hence the “(part 1)”), and there’s still a lot more to go.

Next up – getting an agent.

I’d also like to offer an extremely hearty thanks to all of you who’ve been so generous with your time and feedback on this script. I really could not have gotten here without you, so enjoy a piece of pie of the flavor of your choice with my compliments.

Silent no more, or at least for not much longer

The tool of my other trade
What I use when I’m not writing

The first draft is coming along quite nicely. There was a little bit of writer’s block that held me up for about a day, but I managed to work my way through it (which included the creative placeholder SCENE INVOLVING BAD GUY & HIS GANG. This was the scene before the one giving me trouble.)

The current page count is somewhere in the mid-40s, and maybe about 5 pages off from where it should be, which actually isn’t that bad.

At this point, I’m not even thinking about a potential end-date because I don’t want to be disappointed if I go past it.  So for now, it’s all about cranking out a few pages a day.

In summary – this thing’ll get done when it gets done, and I don’t want to rush it.

Keeping that in mind, there’s now a slight chance this could all be delayed, but just by a little bit.

After way too much procrastination, and the realization that I’m actually capable of setting up a schedule and sticking to it, I’m going to complicate things even more by devoting a small portion of each day to finally getting my podcast up and running.

Learning the basics still seems a little overwhelming, but this phase is always an awkward time.  Like with most things, it’ll get easier the more I work at it.

No proposed launch date for this either, but hopefully soon.  I’ll keep you posted.

Just wondering – what podcast(s) do you enjoy and/or recommend?  They don’t have to be screenwriting- or film-centric. As long as they’re entertaining.