Saying goodbye to the old me

Good luck trying to get this song out of your head now
Good luck trying to get this song out of your head now

I’ve written before about subscribing to screenwriting emails, newsletters, that kind of stuff.

I’ve never really kept track of how many, but it seems like a lot. Especially based on how often they seem to pop into my inbox.

A majority cover the basics: tips about what makes a good script,examples of what to do and what not to do, how to develop characters. Standard screenwriting 101.

All of these are great for when you’re still finding your way. You should constantly be taking in as much information as you can.

But this week it hit me: I don’t think I fall into that category anymore.

I’m well aware I don’t know everything.  There are a lot of writers out there with much more talent than me, but I at least have a pretty good grasp of how to put a story together.

And based on recent events, all that time and effort is starting to pay off.

My writing is much stronger than when I started out. I have confidence in my abilities. My work’s received very positive feedback from trusted friends and colleagues. I have a manager who’s very enthusiastic about my script.

There’s still a ways to go, but I feel that much closer to actually establishing a screenwriting career than ever before.

So now it’s time to move on, hit ‘unsubscribe’ and put a lot of those emails behind me.

It’s also a safe bet my inbox is going to start becoming a little less crowded.