This would be work if I wasn’t enjoying it

A good example of a solid multi-tasker

It ain’t easy being a multimedia superstar. Okay, maybe bi-media is more applicable. Just radio and the internets.

Since it’s only me putting together The Script Adventurer! show, each week involves gathering subject material and lining up that week’s guest.  This coming Monday, I’ll be talking to Scott Myers of Go Into The Story. If you have any interest in developing your screenwriting skills, this is definitely a site you should read on a regular basis.

*Shameless self-promotion: The Script Adventurer! Show live on your computer, 1-2PM PST Mondays via  (Just click on link #1 – Best Mix – Listen Now – LIVE.)  And if you miss it, you can catch it again on Sundays from 7-8PM PST.

I’d contacted Leonard Maltin about being on the show. I knew it was a long shot, but what did I have to lose?  He was very interested, but had to decline due to an overwhelming number of deadlines.  Understandable, but too bad.  That would have been a great conversation. Fortunately, my list of potential other guests continues to grow.

Despite the exhausting process of assembling the show, I’ve made a point of trying to write each day. Some days it may be a page; others might yield three to four. I’m just glad to be making progress.

Within the last week or so, I’ve made the startling discovery that I can actually get a fair amount of work done at the ice rink while V has hockey practice.  It seems to even have an unexpected positive effect on my creativity.  After realizing that one of the characters was basically standing around doing nothing during a pivotal sequence, I thought of something for her to do that was integral to the plot AND upped the stakes for the characters involved.  While I’d love to go back and tinker with it, the focus now is to keep moving forward.

I’m up to page 77, and figure about another 35-40 to go before the end.  A completed draft by the end of March would be nice, and is becoming more realistic each day. Nice.

Boing boing boing

Yeah, kind of like that

What a day.

Avid readers/followers of ScriptShadow will no doubt be aware that an amateur script is currently the absolute hottest thing in the film industry right now.  Said script will be officially reviewed tomorrow (there, not here). There is so much buzz about this script that when Carson sent it out to his readers yesterday, he mentioned how he’d received more voicemails in one day asking for it than any other time or for any other script he could remember.  And that the writer had received calls from just about every single major agency, production company and studio, asking about making a deal and/or representation.

To put it in perspective, that’s like being the holding the only winning ticket for the highest-ever lottery in the history of mankind.

The first thing I thought: Wow. That must be some script.

Second thought: Lucky bastard.

Third thought: Wish I could get that kind of response from my stuff.

I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other writers who are thinking the same things.  But I can’t stress enough that I don’t resent this writer his success.  I read the script, and it is extremely good.  Definitely high concept. Compelling premise and story. Interesting characters.  A definite page-turner.  Smart.  This guy has earned his rewards.

(Without giving too much away, it came across as a modern interpretation of THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. Not necessarily a bad way to go.)

While it was easy to feel sorry for myself, I didn’t like disappearing into a “poor me” mood and instead opted to do something about it.

I went for a run. (New Orleans Half-marathon is a week from Sunday. I think I’m ready.) That always helps me reflect on whatever might be bugging me at the time.  It’s also good for clearing one’s head.

After I got home, I knew I had some time to work on DREAMSHIP, including incorporating the additional scenes I mentioned yesterday. That went a lot better than expected. One scene I really wanted to do just wasn’t going to work, but I managed to find a good alternate way of doing it.

I also reminded myself that my script is completely different from his on several levels, but still has to be rock-solid.  And more importantly: this is only the first draft of the rewrite, so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.  Once I type in “FADE OUT”, then I can go back and see what needs to be fixed.

So a day that started off making me upset ended up with me feeling pretty darned good about things.  The key now is figuring out how to keep that latter feeling going into the next day.

Shameless self-promotion: The Script Adventurer! on Radioslot, live on Mondays 1-2PM PST, and replayed Sundays at 7PM PST. What, you’d rather watch 60 MINUTES?  Of course, the Oscars are this Sunday, so I won’t be offended if you opt to watch that instead.


Oh so worth it

perfect in so many ways

Today was great on two levels.  I’ll cover the smaller-but-no-less-significant one first.

After much delay, I finally got to work on the DREAMSHIP rewrite. While making my way towards the page 75 twist, I realized I was going to be about 5-6 pages short. Augh! What to do? Got it!  More scenes!  But not just something haphazard and slipshod. No, these have to be scenes that advance the story and character and incorporate the theme.

I did a little brainstorming and came up with at least 3 scenes that should fit in nicely.  Maybe 1 to 2 more, and I’m set.

I don’t mind that progress has temporarily slowed.  It’s been worth it.

Which leads me to the other great thing that happened today.

Since I started working on The Script Adventurer! show, I’ve been sending out emails with requests for interviews with assorted writing-connected folks. Nobody’s said no, but there have been a few “not yet”, which isn’t too bad.

Somebody who agreed almost immediately was Julie Gray from the Just Effing Entertain Me blog/website.  And even better, she was going to be in town for an actual live interview!

I spent some quality time researching her as best I could and prepared my list of questions.

Another sign it was going to be a good day: she found a non-metered parking spot!  Truly a good omen.

While the original plan was to record the interview and insert it into this Monday’s show, at the last minute we opted to do it ‘live’ and will still use it on Monday (1-2PM PST on Click on number 1 – best mix/listen now).

We talked about her background, how she got into working with scripts, the benefits of social media for writers and her forthcoming plans to move to Israel for her new non-profit Stories Without Borders.

The time flew by and a good time was had by all.  Give it a listen, won’t you?


A work in progress

gotta start somewhere

After weeks of stressing out and adding more gray to my hair, I had my illustrious debut today on with my new show about writing and movies, with a working title of…The Script Adventurer! (exclamation point included).  Why that?  Because writing is an adventure in itself.  I also thought it sounded fun.

In retrospect, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, except for the dry mouth in the beginning, occasional cough and having to rehydrate every once in a while.

I will also add that it’s a really good thing I had a lot of material to work with.  When it’s just you talking for 45-50 minutes out of an hour, you go through a lot of topics.  But I think I did okay.

The show as it stands is still a little all-over-the-place, but I have a few ideas for future segments and topics, so it should become a little easier.  Having guests will also help.  I’ve got two lined up, and am working on a few more.

I still have to set up a link on this page, but for now, the show ‘airs’ live on Mondays, 1-2PM PST on with a few rebroadcasts in the week between shows.  Feel free to listen in, and if you have a question or comment, you can call in at 415.735.SLOT (7568) or send me an email at

It was a bumpy start, but I’m off and running with this thing.  Want to come along?

All about the prep

Don't mind me. Just lookin' stuff up

Jeez, am I tired.  The past week has been a lot of non-stop getting ready for the premiere episode of my online radio show. Since it’s just me gabbing away, I’ve been trying to compile more than enough material.  It’s much better to have something left over than to run out early.

This is the part where I say thank goodness for the Internet. While my screenwriting knowledge may not be as extensive as, say, Robert McKee’s, I still have a grasp of the basics, and feel pretty comfortable talking about them.

Despite me having worked just shy of twenty years in radio, the latter fifteen actually on the air, I’ve never done a show this long. It’s always been some  chatter between songs, or a 90-second traffic report.  But as mentioned above, the more I have to talk about, the better.

I also have to give credit where credit is due to the one and only Script Doctor Eric.  He consented to being my guest for the audition show, which I suspect played an important part in sealing the deal for me getting the gig.

It was great talking to him. We discussed his background, writing tips, and other assorted-but-related topics.  The time really flew by.  He even agreed to be on the show again in the future.  Nice.

Mark your calendars: Mondays, 1-2PM PST on, starting this coming week.  Give it a listen.