Dad to the rescue!

I did hardly any writing today, mostly because my wonderful child was feeling under the weather and stayed home.  Ergo, writin’ was at a minimum.

That’s not to say I didn’t think about plot points for LUCY.  They’re still a work in progress.  Still digging the idea, too.  Although I’m a bit concerned what the writing group will think of it.  But that’s not until Sunday, so I’ll delay my anxiety for now.

I do find these kinds of days to be almost introspective, because when I hit a lull, I tend to surf the internets, and occasionally go back to one of a handful of screenwriting websites/blogs.

One in particular has the ability to be inspiring and oh-so-frustrating at the same time.  And it’s called scriptshadow.

A lot of the scripts there are really impressive; some of them not so much.

But the ones that are, are really well-written.  And that’s intimidating.

I like to think I’d be able to write something of that quality and caliber, but I also know I need to keep working at it.

I also need to remind myself that some of the scripts there are written by established, or at least experienced, writers.  Which I am not on either count.  But again, still working on it.

I liked the sci-fi script I read last week.  Tomorrow I’m checking out the “Green Arrow in a supervillain prison” one, which sounds promising.  The western was overrated. The guy living on his front lawn was okay. The ‘time travel’ thriller was pretty good. The social misfit junior high girl one was also pretty good.

It’s hard to determine what criteria the handful of reviewers use.  Everybody has different standards.

I think they still review one amateur script a month, which is a really good idea.  Twice a month would be better.  I’ve submitted DREAMSHIP twice, but nothing.  The guy behind it all doesn’t seem to care for that genre.  Too bad.

Way back when I may have mentioned something about letting some of the higher-profile bloggers about this one, just to see about getting the word out.  Now that I’ve been doing this for a few months, I’m more comfortable in letting more of the outside world see it.

Movie of the Moment: THE BLUES BROTHERS, but only because it’s on Encore right now.  As much as I love watching it, I’ve got RUNAWAY TRAIN from Netflix and really should watch that instead.  It’s not like Encore won’t show Belushi and Aykroyd again.

I remember seeing the trailer for it when we went to see THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK in the theatre.  The first time.  Can’t get over how thin Aykroyd was – 30 years ago.  God, I’m old.