He went thataway!

So I started the latest rewrite of BABY LIKES JAZZ, and it went okay.  It’s different than the last version.  Edgier. Leaner. Funnier (maybe).  Of course, I only got to page 3.

I thought 3 pages a day was pretty good.

WARNING! Pending roundabout story in 3…2….1!

So K will be away on Election Day, which means she got to go to City Hall and vote early.  Which meant I dropped her off and circled around while I waited.

While I was driving, I plugged in my iPod and was enjoying an episode of The Cisco Kid (otr western).  Part of the story involved a train.

I like old-timey trains (see BTTF PtIII).

For quite some time, I’ve always wanted to do a story about the first female Secret Service agent, but could never come up with a plot.  Quite frustrating.

And I once again did not win the logline contest.

Then all of a sudden…

Like a bolt from the blue…


A story about a female train engineer in the Old West.  Feisty.  Spunky.  Barbara Stanwyck-ish.

I hate to say it, but it pushed BABY off to the side.

An adventure-type story with a female protagonist set in one of my favorite genres?  How can I resist?

I can’t.

I may not look it, but I’m practically giddy about the possibilities here.

Time to start racking my brain and come up with ideas for this.

But first, my week will be spent working on a good logline to enter into the contest for Friday.

In retrospect, BABY LIKES JAZZ was a good effort, but comedy just ain’t my thing.  It was always in the back of my mind whether or not I could write like Tina Fey or the people behind THE HANGOVER.

I can’t.  I tried, but I can’t.

So it looks like I’ll be staying in the adventure genre, which really suits me more.

Progress as it applies to various stories will be documented here as it develops.

Rest well, BABY LIKES JAZZ.  You were a valiant effort.

Moving on…