(temporarily) not writing = good thing?

T minus how many days?

This week has been a lot busier than expected, so I’ve gotten practically no writing done.  Which really sucks.  Or does it?

I haven’t worked on the rewrite since last week, and most likely won’t get back to it until next week.  For me not to write over a 2-week gap is really something. But while this will unfortunately push back finishing the whole thing, it could also have a positive impact.

When a writer loses their focus, it really messes up their productivity.  And stepping away, voluntarily or not, could actually work in your favor.

You’ve probably heard it.  After you’re done writing, put the finished product in a drawer and ignore it for at least a week or two.  Then when you come back to it, you’ll be seeing it with a clear head and fresh, invigorated eyes.  Maybe you’ll see a problem you didn’t see before, or at least think of a way to make it stronger.  Or maybe you’ll uncover the solution to a problem that’s been driving you batty.

Got my fingers crossed for those kinds of results.