Maybe next year

So close to being done, but just not enough

Based on my recent productivity, or lack thereof, I don’t think the DREAMSHIP rewrite will be ready for the Nicholl deadline.

At first I was pretty disappointed in myself. I’d set a goal, but fell short.

But while it’s taken longer than I wanted, I’d rather take the time to make sure it’s a solid piece of material, and not “good enough for now”.

And it didn’t help that my work schedule the last few weeks has been all over the map, which completely messed up my chance to just take some time to sit down and write. But it’s starting to calm down a bit, so I’ve been able to make a little headway. Latest example – 3 pages yesterday.

Besides, if things work out the way I’d like them to (re: agent, manager), I won’t worry as much about making next year’s deadline.

-In case you missed the most recent edition of The Script Adventurer!, it’ll be on again this Sunday at 7PM PST. I had the pleasure of talking with Danielle Corsetto, creator of the webcomic Girls With Slingshots. I got a very nice email from her afterward saying it was one of the most complimentary interviews she’d ever done, which I guess is saying something.

-Movie of the Moment – I forgot to post this last week, so another twofer.

-MONEYBALL (2011). Loved it. A great look at behind-the-scenes baseball. Especially poignant to me since my daughter loves the A’s. Very worthy of a Best Picture nomination; seemed more like that kind of movie than THE ARTIST or HUGO, which now come across as lighter, fluffier works.

-DRIVE (2011). Loved this too. An extremely quiet movie that simmers with suspense in a lot of scenes. Not as gory as I’d been led to believe, but a lot of make-you-squirm scenes both on- and off-camera. I was surprised Albert Brooks had such a small part, but I agree that by playing completely against type, he was (no pun intended) criminally overlooked for a Best Supporting Actor nomination.