Why not?

so much to do in 363 days

This is what I’d like to accomplish, writing-wise, between now and December 31st:

-Finish DREAMSHIP. Last week I entered Script Doctor Eric’s $3 Screenplay Contest AND hit the halfway point. Either way, it’ll get done.

-Finish the LUCY outline and at least 1-2 drafts of the actual script.

-Date and cost permitting, possibly go to a Pitchfest-type event.  Any recommendations? Anti-recommendations? Nerdy as it sounds, I enjoy researching and targeting who would be a good fit.

-Seriously look into representation.  I don’t see why this couldn’t happen.

-From a non-writing standpoint, do at least 2 half-marathons. I’m signed up for New Orleans and K’s planning on Portland. No idea what the other one(s) could be.

-Make baklava. So tasty and something I’ve always wanted to attempt.  Fortunately, any mistakes can be taken to work because radio people are basically human piranha. They will eat just about anything, especially if it’s free and homemade.

-Movie of the Moment: HUGO (2011). V and I saw it at the Sundance Cinema in Japantown. Basically, this is Scorsese’s love letter to the early days of cinema.  I thought it was charming and maybe a little long, but still had a fun time.  The 3-D really added to it in some places, but the glasses were different in that you had to keep the middle of the lens focused on the screen or everything went all wobbly.

I thought it very odd that although it’s set in Paris, everybody has a British accent.  To make it easier for American audiences to follow along? If you can get past that, it doesn’t become much of an issue.

Allow me a slight rant regarding my fellow moviegoers. I have no problem with paying a little more for a high-quality theater. And I think being able to select your seats is a great idea.  But when you go into the auditorium and somebody’s in the seats you picked, then asked if they could move because they’re in our seats, and responds with “Does it matter?”, then I have to wonder how incredibly stupid and selfish they must be.  If it didn’t matter, then we wouldn’t have picked our seats when we bought the tickets!  That’s the whole point.  But the show was about to start and I didn’t feel like getting into an argument, so we sat in the seats next to them, which I’m guessing were their seats.  I hope the daggers I was staring at them really hurt.

It’s moments like these that make me think investing a couple of bucks in a nice home theater system might not be a bad idea.