Feeling a bit better, thanks for asking

So yesterday sucked.

First my hours at work were cut back yet another half-hour, for a grand total of 20 a week.  And that sucks.  I mean it REALLY sucks. Looks like my ongoing hope of finally becoming full-time is officially dead, despite what my well-intentioned boss says.

According to her, this was another case of her boss micromanaging.  He saw that I was working a whole extra half hour a day, and that simply could not be!  So I got screwed.  Again.

I saw this as another sign to get the hell out of there.  But when I told my boss I didn’t know how long I could last, she begged me to hold on and that SHE WOULD GET ME HOURS!  I’ve heard that before, too.  I occasionally get a fill-in shift, but it’s not enough and it’s not steady.  I need both.

And as usual, probably won’t get either.

So I’m starting to look into what’s out there.  K thinks I won’t have a problem.  I don’t know.

I wish the writing thing would work out.  I haven’t heard from anybody I sent to over the past couple of days.  And I’m having trouble finding time to write.  I don’t like it and will try to change that.

Then the day got worse when I went to pick up my bike.  It’s been in the shop for about a month, or at least it feels like a month.

After paying way too much, I started to ride home.  That’s when the pedals started to skip and the rear brake sounded like a screeching cat.

A quick ride back to the shop, a quick adjusting of the brake and a quick examination of the pedal mechanism, and I’m told it needs yet ANOTHER part, and that getting it will take another week.  Jeebus.

So for now, I look for work while doing my work and the usual work.