Busy, busy, and still busy

Today was the first time in quite a while I got to sit down and write.  It was for the mash-up genre.  Four pages of scenes.  I wrote it and sent it out.

Naturally, a few hours later, I thought of ways to make it better.  This always happens.

But I did enjoy putting it together.  The action, the suspense, and so on and so on.  It was, dare I say, fun.  Too bad it can’t always be like that.

I think it has to do with the genre.  Writing exciting action-adventure is exciting.  Gets the blood pumping. It makes the time pass quickly.

But trying to write comedy, while alone?  Boring.

But I digress.

The guy was very nice in his response.  I don’t know what kind of a chance I have with this, but at least it’s something.

There was also a listing for somebody looking for a comedy writer.  I figure ‘ why not?’  They have to do some kind of presentation and I guess they want to make it funny.

Yeah, I know.  I may not be the ideal candidate, but I can say funny things if the situation is right.  No, really.  I can.  Again, looking at it as a potential exercise.

But again, why not?  The worst they can say is no.  I got nothing to lose.

These two listings also mention being paid, but I really don’t know what kind of rate would be involved.  While I’d like to charge my editing/proofreading fee, I worry that would be too high for an Average Joe.  Then again, I don’t want to reduce it too much that it’s not worth all the work.  Ugh.

Also never heard back from the just-graduate film student looking for a professional review of his script.  This doesn’t surprise me.  For all I know, somebody took him up on it.  Which would amaze me.

If this post seems all over the place, that’s because the Movie of the Moment is IN THE LOOP, a bitingly wicked political satire. It’s hard to concentrate with it on.

It’s been in the house for two weeks, and I hate keeping them that long.  But it’s really good.  The dialogue and plotlines are so complicated and intertwined, it’s hard to believe it was written.

Thus endeth the rambling…