Who are you again?

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among people seeking screenwriters on Craigslist:  they want someone with credits to help them with a project.

Because a professional screenwriter is constantly checking Craigslist to get that big $50-80 payday.

The most recent listing was from somebody who graduated from film school last year, but focused on directing and producing more than writing, so now they want a ‘professional’ to give their script the fine-tooth-comb routine before it is sent out.

Because THIS IS THEIR CREATIVITY ON THE LINE!!! (emphasis mine)

Give me a fucking break.

You want somebody who knows what a script should look like. Believe it or not, there are tons of quality writers out there, and a lot of them would be more than happy to check out your script.

I highly doubt someone with credits is going to spend a few hours checking out something like this.  And if they do, they must be ‘between projects’ right now.

And I’m not even going to get into the listing from the caucasian writer who wants to partner with a black writer on his project, because, in his words, only a black writer can capture the passion and personality of the story.

Oh, fer God’s sake…

Getting back to me.  I started breaking down BABY LIKES JAZZ like how it was done in BABY BOOM.  Short, to the point, but relevant to the story and revealing of the main character.

Amazingly, some of the ideas I had waaaayyyyy back in outline #1 still apply.

Apparently my brilliance knows no bounds.