Something ain’t right

Good albeit brief meeting with the writing group last night, preceded by a tasty potluck dinner.

We talked about another member’s shirt script, which she filmed earlier this year. The script was a little too Twilight Zone-ish for me.

Since I had to cut out early, we spent a few minutes discussing my progress on LUCY. I explained what I was trying to do in terms of subplots and working towards the midpoint.

A few people said based on what I read last time, which was what I originally had for the first draft, it sounded more like a novel than a script. Possibly due to so much going on in each scene.

Simplify!, they said. Focus on what the hero wants besides the goal of the story. Let us get to know her. And so on and so on.

Sound advice, each one.

It was also suggested I write a sample scene that really puts Lucy on display. I may just do that.

Today I decided to try the simplification route and started the one-sentence-per-scene thing, but realized I was just copying what I already had. I wasn’t moving forward. More like changing lanes and not the direction.

I need to figure out where I want this to go and how to get there. And to keep it simple. And everything else listed above.

I already had some backstory written for some of the characters, but that focus needs to be redirected back at Lucy. It’s her story.

I’ll see what I can do.